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Karma Sutra

Historically the Kama Sutra of Mallanaga Vatsyayana is believed to have been written around 250 karma sutra black beeAD and was based on the now lost Treaties of Shvetaketu. Written in Sanscrit, it is said that Mahadeva (High-Deity Shiva) compiled the ten thousand chapters of the Treaties, Shvetaketu compressed them into a more readable five hundred and finally Vatsyayana transcribed the knowledge into the form we know today.

Ancient Indian literiture, however, teems with discourse on a variety of subjects from Astronomy to Geometry and, where the Karma Sutra therefore may appear to be an abnormality when viewed on its own, within the context of the period and alongside contempary works of the same era it is simply another learned, educational text.

Of particular interest is the intended readership of the Kama Sutra, being clearly the Nagaraka (young city dwellers) who have an entire Chapter devoted to their way of life whilst the Ganikas (courtesans) and other women of wealth are also specifically addressed.

Despite the fact very little is known about the writer, Vatsyayana, or the exact date he wrote this work, for although 250 AD has been suggested above could be anywhere between the First and Sixth Centuries (the Gupta Age of 320-540 AD being the most probable considering this period has also been dubbed the Classical Age of India). The fact that Sir Richard F. Burton  was able to publish his translation in 1883 at all is a miracle in itself.

See not only was Burton attempting to publish a book that was essentially viewed as erotic in a time of stoic morality, but he was also attempting to publish a book of Eastern origin, a region of the world still viewed by many as less then civilized. Although he had had previous success with his translations of 101 Arabian Nights Burton found it increasingly difficult to find investors for the project and, despite fears that the Karma Sutra would fall into the hands of those other then the scholarly types it was intended for, an associate fond of the project finally sponsored it and the English translation of the Sanskrit text began. 

It is also interesting to note the remarks written by Burton concerning the original transcribers Vatsyayana for it reveals not only a rare piece of information about this ancient scholar but also the society he worked within... Visit Awesome Adult for more info


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 karma sutra

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